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Trust in our roof maintenance program in Southwest Florida

Protect your investment, control your budget... use our roof maintenance program. Our licensed and certified team will handle repairs as needed, helping you to save money and extend the life of your roof.

Let's outline your roof's condition

• Roof construction specifications including manufacturer
• Location of penetrations, rooftop equipment and changes
• Roofing problems and corrective actions noted
• Previous maintenance history recorded
• Record of warranties gathered

We'll pull all of this together to create a record for your roofing history.

Complete roof survey

You'll also get a preventative maintenance work-up and survey of your existing roof. This comprehensive look by a trained professional will look at the overall appearance, base flashings, roof-top equipment, expansion joints and other components.

You'll get a written report or roof survey that outlines the condition - as well as any actions that need to be taken care of.

Routine maintenance

We'll handle the following routine maintenance as a part of your investment in our program:

• Removal of debris

• Cleanout of roof drains, scuppers and gutters

• Reattachment and / or sealing of counter-flashings

• Repair cuts or holes in membrane

• Maintain coping and gutter joints

• Replacement of damaged tile

You'll get repair of all roof system deficiencies, including defective seams, leaks, deterioration of base and wall flashings, loose metal or other problems. You'll also get a written estimate of any extensive maintenance needs.

Terms of agreement

The term of our agreement is 1 year, commencing on the day the service contract is executed. This contract is automatically renewed after 12 months for an additional year. Contract may be canceled upon:

• Written notice by the property owner or Charles A. Roy Roofing 30 days prior to the next
scheduled inspection

• Failure by either party to reasonably cooperate

• Determination that the roofing system must be replaced

Contractor responsibility

Insurance - Charles A. Roy Roofing carries general liability and workmen's compensation

You can count on us to provide full inspections, repots, maintenance, repairs and communications in a professional manner. You can depend on our maintenance and repair cleanup as well. You don't have to worry about us leaving debris behind - and we'll do everything we can to avoid any disruption of your business.

Customer responsibility

• The property owner must provide any information relating to construction or prior
maintenance and repair that is necessary to Charles A. Roy Roofing performing its stated
duties under this contract.

• The property owner must promptly notify Charles A. Roy Roofing of any leaks or
maintenance issues and cooperate with Charles A. Roy Roofing to expedite repairs.

• The property owner must provide access for water tests and repairs during regular hours.